VIP Catamaran

Not Currently Available

  • ​Safe, Spacious, Comfortable for 46 passengers
  • 19 meter Double-Deck Sailing Catamaran.
  • 2 160hp engines (43 TN displacement)
  • Interior lounge: has sofas and armchairs, mini bars and air conditioning
  • Stylish large 80m2 hall with panoramic windows & views
  • Equipped with cocktail ​B​ar, ​Large ​Screens, ​Music ​System & ​​ catering. ​Service​ VIP
  • VIP area, with capacity for 8 people with views from maxi loungers/beds


  • Additional solarium with 19 maxi lounge chairs with towels (for 2 people max – 1.30 x 2 m)
  • with visor & side wind breakers for comfort and privacy.
  • Smoking zone & safety lockers​
  • Outdoor ​freshwater ​ shower room ​/towels provided
  • Stairs and platforms​ (sea weather permitting)​
  • Shuttle service from Sitges centre to the marina
  • Functionally diverse H / M toilets​ (Disabled friendly)​
  • Prior reservations, minimum 48 hours in advance (limited places for departure)


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Not Currently Available

  • Sizeable Luxury Catamaran
  • Moored Solarium in Sitges Marina for lounging
  • Private hire for large groups (46)
  • Afternoon Party Tours along Sitges Coast
  • Floating nightlife party… Sitges latest Nightclub Disco
  • Sunset romantic evening boat trips
Schedule : Subject to change & booking
    3h 30 min 11am – 2.30PM

    (arrive at least 15 mins before)​
    9PM to 1AM

    (arrive at least 15 mins before)​​


  • Not responsible for theft or loss of luggage or personal belongings ​
  • Over 18 years of age.
  • No outside food or drinks
    ​ (breach likely to mean removal & no refund)​
  • No pets on board
  • Need to be dry to enterindoor lounge​
  • Topless allowed
  • Refund Due to adverse sea conditions, the customer refund​ limited to the full amount of reservation.
  • Only some events, include a ​welcome cocktail & key​s to private area

Additional information

Charter Requirements - Requisitos de la Carta - Requisits de la Carta

Gasoline Fuel Petrol Included - Gasolina Inclòs - Incluido

Horsepower - Caballo de Fuerza - Cavall de Força

Insurance - Seguro - Segur

Length - Largo - Eslora

Maximum Passengers - Pasajeros Máximos - Passatgers Màxims


Transport - Transportar

Typical Pricing Options - Opciones de Precios Típicas - Opcions de Preus Típiques

Width - Manga - Màniga

Carta Lloguer d'embarcacions Sol·licitud - Boat Charter Hire Enquiry - Consulta de Alquiler de Barcos

Carta Lloguer d'embarcacions Sol·licitud - Boat Charter Hire Enquiry - Consulta de Alquiler de Barcos