Stable 400 – 4 Person No Licence

This is a boat designed for fishing-walk with its generous width (30 or 40 cm… more than other boats of equal length) provides great stability, both in navigation and stop. Its high volume of flotation allows the loading of heavy equipment (such as diving equipment) without a considerable loss of freeboard, which, together with the large cockpit, makes it the ideal boat for underwater diving activities. In compliance with current regulations, the space between the hull and the deck is injected with expanded polyurethane, which ensures its stability and extraordinary rigidity. Extremely water proof throughout.. a canvas cover isn't needed whilst at anchorage in Sitges marina. Its length of less than 4 meters, allows its enjoyment without nautical qualification.



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  • Stable design
  • Wide for it’s size
  • Water proof ‘easy wide’ surfaces

EN: Ideal for the family sailing, for their comfort and stability. It reaches an enough speed (approx. 12-14 knots) 3 knots is typical walking speed.
CAT: Ideal per a la navegació de la família, per la seva comoditat i estabilitat. Aconsegueix una velocitat suficient (aprox. 12-14 nusos) 3 nusos és la velocitat típica peu.
CAST: Ideal para la navegación familiar, para su comodidad y estabilidad. Se alcanza una velocidad suficiente (aproximadamente 12-14 nudos) 3 nudos es la velocidad de marcha típica.

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Carta Lloguer d'embarcacions Sol·licitud - Boat Charter Hire Enquiry - Consulta de Alquiler de Barcos

Carta Lloguer d'embarcacions Sol·licitud - Boat Charter Hire Enquiry - Consulta de Alquiler de Barcos